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Our Vision

 “Healing Indigenous Communities by restoring our cultures, languages and connection to mother earth;  doing so while promoting konoronhkwa with all of our relatives across Turtle Island”

Our Mission

Our Mission “Konoronhkwa in Kanien’kéha (Mohawk) Language has a deeper meaning than I love you. It is an interconnected, deep love, caring and compassion toward another relation whether it be a person, animal, plant life or spirit.  The actual translation is "the blood that flows belongs to you". We will strive to bring back the meaning of Interconnectedness from an Indigenous perspective and world view. Remembering Konoronhkwa is the way to healing and reconciliation with all our relations.    The mission will be to serve people holding strong to the meaning of Konoronhkwa while preserving the dignity and well being of the next seven generations.”

Bear Waters Gathering History

Bear Waters Gathering was previously known as Bear Waters Traditional Herbs, Oils & Roots. It began as a project to make traditional Indigenous medicines accessible to First Nations communities however many people, from all walks of life, became interested in learning more about these options. This project became a vessel for Canadians to learn about Indigenous Traditional Medicines and for First Nations Individuals and families to return to their original ways of living. Amanda and co-founder Strength Dale built relationships with their Canadian clients who wanted to know more about First Nations, Metis and Inuit teachings and of the historical relationship between European Settlers and Indigenous communities.  There was a very big interest in the current issues facing Indigenous People today and how Canadians could get involved in the reconciliation process. This led to work with the local public and private sectors such as the CCAS / CAS, Public Schools, Fire & Police Departments. Indigenous families who began using these medicines were looking to heal from the intergenerational effects of residential schools, the millennium (sixties) scoop and the continued unwanted interventions from public services such as the Police and Children's Aid Societies.    


Bear Waters Gathering is an Indigenous owned business with connections to several community elders, educators, and advisors. They all have expertise passed down generationally and from many different Indigenous Nations across Turtle Island (Canada).  Bear Waters Gathering facilitators and counselors have worked in the public and private sectors for over a decade. Our trainers have post-secondary education in social services, counselling and / or education.  We provide holistic and strengths-based services to both Indigneous and non-indigenous individuals, organizations and community partners.