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What people are saying about Bear Waters Gathering

"I valued the experience and I know this was just the tip of the iceberg and I have so much more to learn in the future. I did feel it was a warm, welcome and open opportunity for me to ask questions and gain knowledge to start my journey in cultural competency training. I would highly recommend your services to other providers and groups. Thank you"

"I have only begun to learn indigenous teachings and issues, and am excited to learn more. I believe every citizen of Canada should take this type of workshop. I can't believe I have not been exposed to this before. Running River and Strength are superb, individually and together - I believe they have so much to offer and will do great things for our world..This workshop should be offered in schools, museums, libraries, university diversity programs..I like that workshop took a cultural approach - this is definitely the right what to reach people." 

"I really took away a lot from this course and am inspired by the explanations on the Indigenous way of life. I was worried about saying something that would offend but the openness, love and support that was displayed was beautiful and touching. My worries melted away and I was able to be present."  

"Thank you for the opportunity to learn and for your time to train me. I appreciate your interest in me to spend the time and allow me to learn"

"I so enjoyed your workshop yesterday! Both of you showed such acceptance and gentleness of your teachings. The connection between you was magical! It was informative and fun!"

"I could've spent the entire day learning about the Indigenous Culture. I love the connection they have with nature and how they use the term Creator. So much respect and beauty."