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The Sacred Gift Song

The Sacred Gift Theme song was created by Sino General "Chief Rock" from Entertribal Entertainment specifically for our ICCT Training - It is a blend of traditional rattle, water drum and chant with a contemporary feel. Enjoy!

Sacred Gift Logo


The moon brings balance to the waters and that is why it is placed behind the water symbol.  The moon moves the water and like the tide moving out we hope The Sacred Gift will move out old ways of thinking and bring in new knowledge.

Water Symbol

The turquoise blue water hieroglyphic is a Mi'kmaq symbol that represents water. We believe water is a healing gift given by Creator and brings life to all.  We are ourselves water and it is a sacred and precious gift.  We hope this curriculum will bring about healing and restoration. "Mni Wiconi" Water is Life.

Eagle Feather

The Eagle Feather represents the duality in life. It has it's very own teachings about the balance of positive and negative. We learn to gain understanding with both things in our lives. We used the feather to remind us that although there was a long and negative history there is always a lot to learn from it and that we can move forward. The Eagle feather is one of the most Sacred gifts within many Indigenous communities.  The person gifted the eagle feather would have done something incredibly worthy of such a gift.  We offer these teachings much like we offer the feather.  A sacred and valuable gift.  The journey you are about to take is sacred.


Bear Waters Gathering would like to honour the Dish with One Spoon understanding of shared lands. The Dish symoblizes the dish of Mother Earth and to share equally the life gifts she offers us. The spoon symbolizes that we as humans are to do no harm to our mother or to one another.  We offer this acknowledgement in respect for our renewed relations with Canadians however we remind ourselves that lands were not divided into sections because no one has the right to tell another they have to stay on one side or the other of our mother. There are many today that do not understand this way of living so we will share this acknowledgement in hope that one day territorial acknowledgements won't necessary.

We acknowledge our Ancestors by recognizing the attempted erasure, relocation, and destruction of  our traditional Indigenous way of life and the lands we all shared as original peoples. We acknowledge that our trainings will be held on the traditional territories and settlements of the Anishinaabeg  (Ojibwe, Odawa, Potawatomi), first peoples of the Three Fires  Confederacy, The Haudenosaunee (Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, Seneca  and Tuscarora), first peoples of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, Wyandotte  (Bear, Deer, Rock, and Cord), the first peoples of the Wendake  Confederacy and the Metis Nation. We would also like to thank the four legged, the swimmers, the flyers, the crawlers, our Mother Earth and all that Creation has done by performing their original purpose. We would like to thank the Creator for all the good things we have been provided and commit to honouring them by walking gently and protecting our future generations.